Meet the Wavemakers

Our oceans and seas are of great importance – they are used for shipping, sources of food, raw materials, energy and leisure. The marine environment offers a range of diverse, challenging and fascinating careers. Yet the retention and progression of female participation in technical and leadership roles within the subsea industry is stagnant.

The idea that “you can’t be what you can’t see” was our catalyst for this project.

The Women In Subsea Engineering launched the Wavemakers Project to increase the visibility of some of the amazing women who work in the industry. These twelve outstanding women have forged successful technical careers within the subsea industry. They represent a broad range of science and engineering disciplines; and they also depict a global workforce originating from Scotland, Malaysia, Wales, Honduras, Serbia, France, America, Palestine, India and Australia.

The Wavemakers were photographed and interviewed on video. The women were asked to share their stories, their passion for science and engineering, what their careers entailed and how they achieved successful careers. These form the foundation of the Wavemaker exhibition as well as the development of a careers comic book, which hopes to inspire more young girls to pursue technical careers.