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Asset & Integrity Management Engineer

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As an Integrity Engineer, I look after the assets that are operating subsea and make sure they remain in good condition.

We have to inspect them to check condition, maintain them if parts need changing our and repair them if things start to break. It’s just like looking after your car.

These days, I mostly undertake desktop engineering work. When I was younger, I had the opportunity to work offshore and on worksites quite a lot.

Now as a Director of a company, I’m responsible for a wide range of activities including financial management, training and development, project management, business development and lots more.

I work with a wide range of remote inspection technologies that allow me to gather data about the subsea assets and let me “see” under the water.

These technologies are complex and sophisticated robotics with a wide range of sensors that are configured depending on the data to be collected.

I hope that the subsea industry will broaden into the renewables field for the future of our planet.

I work with many different types of engineers in my professions – subsea engineers, design engineers, mechanical engineers, materials engineers, metocean engineers, environmental engineers and many, many more.

My job calls on me to interface with many different people from different professions and backgrounds. This is one aspect of my job that I love.

I work in subsea and I play in subsea! The marine environment is gob-smackingly gorgeous, it’s our job to protect it.