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Senior Drilling Engineer

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After studying Chemical Engineering and working in a refinery for a few years, I now work as a Senior Drilling Engineer.

I design the wells that get drilled into reservoirs for the Oil & Gas industry.

I do this by looking at the pressure of the fluid in the well, then by calculating the density of the fluid used to drill the well. I specify the casing/pipe that is used and make sure it is strong enough to hold all the hydrocarbon in place, without bursting.

I also create operating instructions, down to the level of detail of picking drill bits, specifying flow rates and the directional path. I calculate if the twisty-turny paths can be drilled and make sure that, in design at least, it is feasible to drill the well.

I think it’s important to tell young people starting out that there are a lot of different paths to the same place.

I’ve met drilling engineers who’ve come from all walks of life, some who left school at 16 and worked their way up on the rig, and some who’ve got doctorates.

Everyone has different experiences to add- and all are great at their job in their own way.

There is very little representation of working mothers in oil and gas.

I’d like it known that some of us do have kids- you can be an engineer and a mother, these things are not mutually exclusive!

I hope that when my girls are older, they don’t have to prove themselves before they’re listened to and if they choose engineering, science, maths or finance it won’t be looked at as unusual.