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Regional Engineering Manager

Isabelle by admin

After studying mechanical engineering, I started my career in aeronautics, however, I got frustrated by the lack of opportunity to see the results of my hard work.

I switched to oil and gas industry and loved it from Day 1, I’ve not been bored yet!

Twenty-five years later, I am responsible for whole teams undertaking a range of different projects where I give them support and ensure they are doing the right thing.

Project work always starts in the office. Each team needs to prepare everything for the operation, every small detail is important. When everything is prepared and organised the team head to the worksite and supervises the other specialist contractors.

From a very young age I liked to build things, I loved Lego! I’ve always been fascinated by travelling and I was always the first to put my hands up to go somewhere.

My career has given me the opportunity to meet incredible people and make long lasting friends, and to travel to places I would not have been otherwise.

Even if you need to be persistent to achieve your goal, sometimes you also need to let go and leave some room for the unexpected, it can bring nice surprises!