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Subsea Construction Engineer

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I originally studied chemical and biomedical engineering, then I started working as a process engineer. I kind of ‘fell’ into the subsea engineering role, they needed more people and I was available. I’ve remained here ever since!

My job is to review designs for equipment and layouts to make sure everything is designed correctly and will be able to function properly. My role involves visits to fabrication yards, and developing contracts with other companies, in particular, the offshore installation contractors. I make sure what they are proposing to do meets our project’s needs.

I also get go offshore on the vessels to oversee that the pipe or structure installation activities are being carried out as per the plan, and to problem solve anything unexpected that might pop up.

Being able to say “I caught a helicopter to work this morning”, that’s pretty cool.

Working on projects creates immense job satisfaction. You get to see the work you do form and take shape, evolving from an idea into a giant piece of steel.

When you can turn on the news and see a story about how gas is now flowing to the domestic users, you know that you helped make that happen.

This platform was part of a project I worked on (although I worked on the bit you can’t see below the surface). Over a few years, it went from an idea and design on paper, to this!

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I am very proud of graduating with my degrees as University was very challenging for me.

During that time, I not only moved out of home but to a new city and I supported myself by working a part-time job.

As a result, I developed a lot of resilience, and I learnt what I am capable of.

I’ve learnt that people really gravitate towards confidence, so even if you don’t feel confident - act it! It gives others confidence in you.