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Environmental Advisor

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My name is Petrina, but my friends and family call me Trina. I studied geophysics and environmental science and graduated with a Bachelor of Science.

I got my first job cleaning laboratory glassware in the WA Chemistry Centre which was the pathway to a job as an Environmental Officer for the Swan River Trust.

I then went from being Oil Spill Adviser to the Marine Unit of the Department of Transport, to an Assessor with the Department of Environment in Karratha, where I oversaw environmental approvals for large-scale developments in the North West of Australia.

From government, I moved across to industry, taking on positions with a number of energy companies. I am now Managing Director of an environmental consultancy that employs environmental scientists and engineers to work with mining, oil and gas, aquaculture and government organisations to help them manage environmental matters in their business.

My diverse experience has resulted in me becoming a bit of a generalist, which means I know a little about a lot of things and who to ask for help when I need it.

In my job I am lucky enough to get to go out into nature a lot.

I create reports about the rocks, plants, animals and people within a certain space.

When a company wants to build something new or undertake a project, we use the information that has been published to help them make sustainable decisions.

My work allows me to feel like I am taking some responsibility for my own footprint within our world, but also helping to maintain and protect it for my daughter, and someday, her kids too!