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Subsea Development Manager

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I completed a Bachelor of Engineering specialising in Mechanical Engineering.

I started out as an intern on a large construction site to the south of Perth with over 800 people, and then I worked on the upgrade of a mine site in Northern Western Australia.

I honestly don’t think you should worry about where you start out, your career could take you in many different directions.

I manage a team of engineers who get the oil from the seabed up to the surface.

The subsea team helps procure, install on the ocean floor and start-up the equipment – it’s very exciting. The equipment is made all over the world and sometimes we get to go overseas to see it being built and tested. It can be very large and heavy – imagine putting something as big as your classroom under the ocean.

I am also responsible for hiring new engineers, including graduates and interns.

We use robots, called, Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) with cameras to help us build (and then later fix) underwater equipment.

Recently we have also started to try using virtual reality to practice what our ROVs will do at the bottom of the ocean.

Marine life comes very close when we are offshore, I’ve actually been paid to do whale watching shifts.

My biggest influence has been my mum, she taught me that you can always give back and contribute to society.

I love that through my job, I have developed skills and relationships that mean I can contribute in a meaningful way to causes that I care deeply about, such as helping set up a program to show kids in school more about science-based careers.

If you are interested (and you should be because it’s very exciting), start broad and seize opportunities that come your way. I’m actually not a strong swimmer – and here I am in the subsea industry!