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Sarah E
Geotechnical Engineer (Subsea)

Sarah E by admin

There are basically two forms of rigs; those that sit on the seabed and extend above the water level and those that float and are anchored to the seabed.

My job is to assess the interaction between the seabed and the subsea platforms, pipelines and anchors. I ensure these assets remain in place so people and the environment are protected.

The best way to explain the science behind my work is to think about when you are at the beach. As you walk into the water, if you stop, your feet start to sink into the sand and if a wave hits you, you will fall over.

Imagine if you were a huge oil and gas rig… I work out how much you sink and make sure you don’t fall over when the wave hits. Similarly, with a floating rig, I make sure the anchors hold it in place.


Some of my work is office based and other times I am offshore “on site” – essentially on a big boat!

It is fascinating sitting on board a vessel controlling equipment that can be as deep as 3 kilometres below us.

We get to watch it all live on the screens on the boat and direct what needs to happen in order to get the data we need for the design works.

I think society still lacks awareness of how much engineers affect their everyday lives in a positive manner.

I am working towards a world where science and engineering are fields that are better known to the wider population and more young people have access to the opportunities they can bring.

I love surrounding myself with people who know more than I do and have different skill sets to mine. It challenges me and encourages me to get better.